Thursday, August 30, 2007


Though I'm (finally) ready to go off into adult-land and work, it's a bit hard considering life is really such fun right now.


The Hail Mary squad scores with four seconds left in the game. Game over, USTe, at 72-71. After last year's fiasco, I feel VINDICATED. (That's what you get for taking our special issue away from us!!)

The game was the best I ever attended, and the includes all the courtside and Patron shit. It was just-- We were 10 points behind at the start of the fourth. We were trailing behind them all throughout the game and then, everything clicked. You could hear the universe focusing on that shot. I've never been at a game with such a dramatic and fantastic turn around.

Also, 1408 is the best and Sarah and Luj are the best Araneta buds ever (But mostly Sarah because she scares the old men and Blue Babble around her with her shouting and cursing: "BULAG KA BA, REF? LAST YEAR KA PA!!!! LUTO!!"


Anna said...

(That's what you get for taking our special issue away from us!!)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtfff! Wow you watched the game! ^_^ My brother did (he bloody covered it for the koffVarsikoff). UST is so cursed. Hee.

Jane Lu said...

omigod hahahaha super benta talaga si sarah SHET.

in retrospect, i SHOULD have let her sit behind those UST jerks huh?

Jane Lu said...

and, really? the best?? hahahaha bar none?? hahahahahahaha you're the best rin. hahahahaha (sabaw wtf)

will post pics tomorrow, with running commentary. hahahaha and the videos.

oh and apparently, that sarah was a mellower sarah. hahahahahaha