Tuesday, July 31, 2007


B+! Petty, but Yay!

Place an X inside the box if it applies to you.

[X] Bought something from the A Shop
Um, shirt, shirt, jacket, umbrella, sticker, pillow, shot glass, shut up
[X] Got an A for at least one subject- It's SO Atenean to care. Yay, Magis.
[X] Understood the definition of "HELL" week…
Ha. HA.
[X] and regretted finding out what it meant
[X] Has taken/ Currently taking PE 101

[X] Crammed three papers in one night
[X] Gave a class presentation that you now regret- Forgetting you have a class presentation and going on anyway = bad.
[X] Know at least one photocopy lady because of professors who loved Xerox machines- Always thought they just hated trees :)
[ ] Got an F in a long test
[X] Promised to do better but didn't-
Hello, life.

[X] Exerted effort to be exempted sa finals -
[X] Striven for bonus points-
[X] Slept in the library- With drool. Ew.
[X] Ate lunch outside the caf- What is this place? The pub room you say?
[X] Get a Jesuit for a teacher

[X] Ate at least in 10 establishments in Katipunan In my first week, cmon.
[ ] Got an attack from Higad- Ew, ew, ew. Avoided them like the plague they are.
[X] Watched BlueRep and TA plays
[X] Preferred Manang's food over the Caf's – The period known as second year
[X] Screamed your lungs out in Araneta for the Blue Eagles

[ ] Puked at Math 19 and 20 I- don't think we HAD Math 19.

[ ] Went to CERSA night
[X] Signed-up for an Org- Hard to believe, I know.
[X] Joined an org that has a screening- AND Hazing.
[X] Became active in that org- Just a little active. Nothing life-consuming.

[X] Joined a socially oriented org
[X] Played cards during long breaks- The period known as college
[X] Found immersion trips meaningful
[X] Went to school in flip-flops- Platform flip flops, are flip flops all the same.
[X] Went to school in "pambahay attire"

[ ] Went to school wearing chucks- Chucks?
[X] Hated your random number- It would be more accurate to say that I hate the random numbers of the 680 people before me.
[X] Been to Drew's- *cries*
[X] Have an organizer, whether it be from Starbucks, Go Nuts, Belle de Jour or whatever!
[X] Went to class without showering after P.E- Ew, but true.

[X] Wanted to tell the guards to F*ck off
[X] had accidentally seen a make-out session.- People, you are not as secretive as you think you are. Or as quiet. Or as well-built.
[X] Used consultation times properly- AND improperly.
[X] Brought an umbrella but it didn't rain
[X] Left an umbrella and then it rained- I even LOST an umbrella, and then it rained

[X] Went to school trying to make porma but no one noticed- And that was a nice feeling, let me tell you.

[X] Went to school looking crappy and everyone noticed- Mel: Why are you so...baggy today?
Mon: you went to school in that?
CK: Oh, what happened to you?
[X] Camwhored a lot
[X] Saw artistas and completely ignored them- In school? Is confused
[X] Spoke in a conyo way- It's a school requirement, like IDs and tuition

[X] Found a Chinese girl/boy hot- Is this an either/or or does it mean you weren't sure? Cause that would be interesting.
[ ] Nagulat sa lumulubog na block sa SOM-Overpass walkway- May nalulubog na block sa SOM-Overpass Walkway?! San?! (Does that count?) (Block, like a physical block or were a bunch of freshies really overweight?)
[X] Had a block party- Meaning I went to one, not that I threw one.
[X] Cut class to watch a movie with blockmates
[X] Have at least 25 Ateneans on your Ym list

[X] Became an FFL (Fucking freeloader!)- WTH, life is too short for shame. Cut, mooch notes, and bear the stigma!
[X] Traded dvds of American tv shows with your friends- VCDS, actually, of Korean Telenovelas, but I'm checking it anyway
[X] Went to Ewood for nothing
[ ] Wore aviator glasses in Ateneo.- Okay. WTFH? When did this happen? Was I totally oblivious or am I just not matching the trend with its name?
[X] Ate in class

[X] Became EMO for no apparent reason in school- Hahahahahahaha
[X] Thought friendster is a bust and multiply is SOOO much better
[X] Voted in the Sanggu elections
[X] Read the Guidon and Matanglawin thoroughly- Once, twice, thirty times
[X] Tried to avoid the guards because you left your oh-so-precious id- MWAHAHAHAHAHA

[X] Engaged in deep-thinking while in Ateneo gardens such as Zen and SOM walkway
[X] Bought coffee from Figaro sa MVP basement!
[X] Nakapaghang-out sa isang MVP room- ACOMM I guess
[X] Became an official YouTube addict
[X] Knew why Jesuit education is priceless *rolls eyes*

[X] Learned a lot about life due to your Philosophy and Theology subjects
[X] Went to Ateneo even if you had no class
[X] Knew at least 7 famous Ateneo Alumni- Know know or know of?
[ ] Laughed at Tapdancers- They’re not funny!
[X] Ran out of ink due to numerous papers you had to pass- Thesis, it was nice to end you.

[X] Maximized the use of your flash drive- And my 30GB iPOD and THAT was freaking sad.
[ ] Celebrated diversity in the Ateneo
[X] Kept OrSem memories- Okay, how do you keep memories? Penseive? Don't you mean, like, have or treasure memories? I mean, it's not like you can lose memories, short of intentional amnesia, especially of the first day of your college life. Or do you mean, like, keep memorabilia? Are you asking about those paper plates where everyone signed "Hey, (name) I don't really know you that well (it's barely been a day since I knew you existed) but you seem nice (or some other non-offensive adjective) and I hope I get to know you in our four years togther (unless one or the both of us flunks out, migrates or dies)!!! Kisses! (Name)?"

[X] Watched a movie with fellow Ateneans that aren't from your block Okay, a freshman totally wrote this one.
[X] Had the hots for a fellow Atenean

Worth 3 points each:
[X] Attended simbang gabi at Gesu.- Just one.
[X ] REGed2Vote
[X] Screamed in Araneta for the Blue Eagles-Didn't I check this already? Yes, I said, I even lost my voice.
[X] Know at least 3 Ateneo cheers- Halikinu kini kina (x2) Yea bo Yea bo, Ateneo- rah! (Funniest cheer EVER)
[X] Memorized and sung A Song for Mary
[X] Got to be on the Dean's list for at least a semester
[ ] Prayed to St. Ignatius of Loyola- You know, it’s always been MME for me. Or I guess, St Eugenie now.

Worth 5 points: [X] Called yourself an Atenean- I vote that people get plus points for using the terms "Magis", "Men and Women for and with others", and "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriem" seriously and in everyday conversation. Cause you know it's all about the grades. Mwehehe.

Aw, I love my Ateneo.

A= 92-100
B+= 86-91
B= 77-85
C+= 69-76
C= 60-68
D= 50-59
F= 49 and below